Skin Care Tips For Your Body

Only when I think about the skin on my body do I get a headache. How long the year is, I have to remember to pamper her. And as the years go by, it’s as if the joke is getting thicker.
Yes, I’m talking about that skin, which we keep trying to turn on all sides when we look in the mirror. One hair in the sunlight, and annoyed vein, or loyal stretch marks, not to mention the famous cellulite. In winter, thick clothes still save us, but the spring reminds us for sure of how important it is to take care of our body’s skin.
What a hassle to be in a woman’s skin!
After many illusions, trials with various magic creams, and exercise, I realized that in fact, in order to have the healthy and beautiful skin you have to do a ritual, a holy rule!
The body does not necessarily need as thorough care as the face skin (more sensitive and thin). That is why it is more simple to do your aesthetic care ritual. The skin of our body needs daily care. Make it a skincare habit.

  1. Cleanses the skin, gently. Take a shower with lukewarm water, never hot and if you succeed, end the shower with cold water (how more cold you can). Use mild detergents, the less foam a shower gel or shampoo makes, the gentler it is. Products that make a lot of foam, are more aggressive, can dry and irritate your skin, especially if you do not apply a cream or oil after the shower. Take a shower every day, during the canicular periods take a shower several times a day. It is very important to remove perspiration from the skin. As this together with the bacteria give rise to an unpleasant odor and can also affect the skin’s natural protective barrier. Which I will talk about in one of the following articles.
  2. Exfoliate your skin at least once a week, especially your elbows, knees, and heels. This removes dead cells and brightens the skin. In other words, you leave room for the other cells that are born last. This way you respect and at the same time help, you stimulate the rebirth of the skin cells.
  3. Nourishes and moisturizes the skin of the body regularly, best after each shower (especially in cold seasons or beach periods). Hydration is one of the secrets of elastic, beautiful, and healthy skin. Moisturizes the skin from the forehead to the tips of the toes. Use generously your favorite lotion, body butter, oil, or cream. The best time to do this is immediately after the shower when the body is still a little wet, so you help it to better absorb moisture and the product.
  4. Make correctly your epilation, most importantly, be careful what method of epilation you use (a blade, laser, device, sugar + honey or wax) and make sure you do it correctly.
    For example, waxing is the most appropriate, beneficial method but it has a disadvantage, such as the one in which you have to let your hair grow a little to be able to remove it.
    Be careful how you epilate, I mean who does it, or under what conditions you epilate. Because you risk irritation and hairs grown under the skin (usually happens when your skin is too dry or your hair has been pulled in the wrong direction).
    Laser hair removal is just as beneficial and long-lasting (not forever, because hormones control hair growth) but it is a rather painful procedure, you need some courage.
    Before epilating with the blade (shaving), stay in the shower for a longer time, this softens your skin and prevents cuts or bruises.
    No matter which method you choose, the pre and after a phase of epilation is very important. After epilating (regardless of the method chosen), always apply a soothing gel, oil, or a soothing-moisturizing cream. Provide proper care for your body after any hair removal procedure.
  5. Protect your skin. Protecting your skin is paramount, whether it is against chemical factors (substances, detergents), physical (blows, wounds, burns), atmospheric (sun, wind, cold, humidity) or mental (stress, nervousness).
    Carefully read the label of detergents for cleaning or washing clothes, use gloves when washing dishes, and clean or work in a sector where you are in contact with harmful substances (pharmacies, hospitals, beauty salons).
    Use gloves and be careful when working in the garden, in the yard, or doing other work that can cause damage to your skin.
    Get rid of clothes that are uncomfortable, let your blood and lymphatic circulation free (vital for healthy and beautiful skin).
    Use UV protection products, one of the top enemies for your skin. The sun’s rays damage your skin over time, leading to premature aging, blemishes, or even worse skin cancer. Apply a cream with a wide spectrum of protection on the parts of the body where it is not covered with tissue, regardless of whether it is summer or winter.
    In the hot season drink plenty of water or natural juices, eat plenty of fruits and vegetables, wear hats, sunglasses, cover sensitive areas with clothes, use a cream with at least SPF30 and avoid the sun from 11:00 to 16: 00.
    Protect your skin from cold, moisture, and wind. Always apply a moisturizer, nourishing especially on the most exposed areas, hands, nose, lips, ears, neck, whole face.
  6. Get rid of stress and anxiety. Stress, anxiety, exhaustion, fatigue, negative thoughts are the factors that greatly affect your face and body skin. It does the most harm and brings the worst diseases. Because it consumes you from the inside and anything that goes wrong inside your body is highlighted in your skin.
    For example, dry or acne-prone skin is one of the symptoms that you are a nervous, anxious, very emotional, or always worried person. Even if it is difficult to manage stress, you have to do it!
    Maintain a positive outlook on life, look at things positively. Learn to relax and that there are certain things in life that no matter how much you want, you can not change to your liking because they do not depend entirely on you. The only thing you can really change is your attitude, keep the stress away from you.
    Be active, exercise, get enough sleep, give up alcohol, and cigarettes. Make time for yourself, go out in nature, recharge with positive energy. Meditation and Yoga are a real elixir to improve your circulation and good mood.
    Enjoy the things of life to the fullest, so you will notice changes in your skin and not only but also in your physical and mental health.
  7. Eat healthily and hydrate your body in abundance. Food is what gives energy, strength, and nourishment to your body. So, beautiful skin must have a well-nourished, balanced, and happy body. Eat unlimited fruits and vegetables, add fish and dairy, and reduces out or even give up meat, especially fatty or red.
    Avoid fried, oily, spicy, and sugary foods. The same goes for alcoholic beverages, juices, or aromatic and colored commercial drinks. All this affects your body, automatically and your skin, depending on the frequency and period with which you consume them.
    It is your skin that speaks to what is really going on in your body. In order to have a smooth, radiant, elastic, and beautiful skin, you must hydrate your body without mercy, be it water, natural juices, smoothies, or teas, the choice is yours. Don’t wait to be thirsty, drink fluids during the day, make it a habit, without your body asking for it.

Well-hydrated skin looks fresh, radiant, and young, it has a significant positive impact on the body, on your brain, and the environment around you. A beautiful appearance of the skin stimulates self-esteem and makes you happier.

What skincare ritual do you have?

Love and Health!

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