Holidays in the time of our grandparents …

The pursuit of wealth and all modernization has ruined the youth and this world. They had cut the holiday’s spirit, don’t know a carol, a greeting, or at least good morning under their nose. When we were kids it was hard, there was a lot of poverty, but when it was a holiday, then it was a holiday. People left the cattle and the house and made his place at the party. But now they are all fools. They have everything and they still complain that they don’t have it. They make fun of traditions, they also make fun of the holy Holidays.
Well, at church I don’t say anymore, we weren’t saints in our time either, to go to church often but we had different respect. I don’t know, it was out of fear or because we were educated that way. All I know is that I did it with pleasure, even if at first there were some rebelliousness. However, the education was to blame, maybe the difficulties, who knows, I only know that it was different and we were people, HAPPY people.
The holiday was a holiday and a workday, a day of work, joy, gladness and weeping, weeping, good luck, good luck, and trouble, trouble. Not like today, whining in vain. As if the problems weren’t there then, they were maybe even bigger, but it wasn’t this modern box (TV) that would put so much nonsense in our heads. Not everyone could go to school as they do now, but to be honest, there are more illiterates now than there were then

I don’t know what else to say, I also like this modernization, it’s good and bad because now a phone call is good for me. When I hear my children and grandchildren more often, it seems easier to see them on that screen, when I talk to them. But it seems that this technology darks too much their minds. He no longer enjoys a nut, an apple, or a good word. They forgot what traditions mean, they forgot the Holidays.
Santa Claus did not come to us with such beautiful gifts as is coming now. Still, we were waiting for him at the age of 15, we wanted to stay children, although the difficulties on other sides were maturing us early. Now, they want to get rid of their childhood as soon as possible and when they grow up, they run away from responsibilities, they become fearful and stressed.
Oh, as if my poor mother didn’t have stress when my father died in the war with my older brother. She was left to feed 6 mouths of men at home, the eldest one 14 years old. She was a tormented woman, her hands worked, but her eyes and face were still beautiful. I hadn’t heard of her having acne or postpartum stress. She went on, always believing that somewhere there is a much better life. She taught us to believe in what is right and good, even if most of the rich ones did not pay, making fun of the people. Ever since the world began, there have been good and miserable people among the poor, as well as among the rich. Even if we had little, when it was a holiday, my mother shared her goodies, kept in the pantry, with the neighbors, with children on the street or poorer ones.

These were many of my grandfather’s words, which when we went to him, sitting on the chair and with his elbows on his knees, played with a piece of paper around his finger. With his voice extinguished, from the longing for children and grandchildren, he told us his opinions. He was trying to tell us, the world has come to live much better but they don’t want to appreciate it. “My dear ones, who complain in these times, demands condemnation from God, and that is a great sin, my dears.”
Then Grandpa continued to tell us about the holidays during his childhood. “We were very happy when the winter holidays came, the snow, we went to the neighboring village singing carols. Especially when we grew up, God, how beautiful times were. It was music, happiness, and joy in the village. The streets were still loud and people’s houses were not as beautifully decorated as they are now, only the lights on the windows shone on them, but everywhere it smelled of fresh fir and bread. We didn’t have these good oranges or chocolates from today, we had nuts, pretzels, and those who gave candy, they had a big storm of children at the gate. I still remember aunt Ileana’s cookies, they were still very good, sweet, with walnuts and a kind of seed, because her husband worked in the city and brought from there dried fruits, raisins and plums. ”
Grandpa changed his expression in a light and a wide smile, the memories had invaded him beautifully but he kept telling us that we are living better now. That our children are much luckier and our grandchildren will be luckier.

The wave of upsets and negative energies follow us throughout the year like a virus because that’s how we channeled ourselves and live in a society where we only see evil.
Why are the winter holidays loved? Then people remember families, parents, homeland, home, and more than that, try to be better!
Regardless of religion, nationality, or rationality, human needs light to survive and light means goodness. Because happiness and kindness are things that make us better, healthier, and more beautiful!
Be better, do this before the holidays but do it with the same joy and kindness and other things, throughout the year. Once it’s Christmas, recharge your batteries for next year. Regardless of nation, religion, or traditions, it is important to be with a good heart, to give joy around you and to persevering, hardworking, be strong, and optimistic, that makes you someone! It doesn’t matter where you come from or what religion you are, but rather what you offer and who you are, inside!

What memories and stories do you have from your grandparents?

Love and health



  1. Bravissima Cătălina, bine spus, mi-am amintit și eu de careva lucruri. Vorba lui lui măș Ion, ca tot mai bine era înainte, ar fi bine să fie schimbată: Era bine și înainte, dar tot mai bine este acum! 👍👸🧚🏼‍♀️🥰😘🌹🌹🌹👏👏👏

  2. Superb, mi-a plăcut mult! De fapt, cred că am să te citez.
    L-am și văzut pe bunicul tău stând în fața sobei cu tine lângă el, căscând ochii mari și sorbindu-i fiecare vorbă, fiecare povață.
    Blogul tău a devenit unul din preferatele mele.
    Frumoase amintiri, frumos articol, binevenit și util.
    Felicitări, Cătălina!

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