Magical Christmas stories …

Everyone loves stories, even those who don’t admit it. The stories remind us of the beautiful moments of life, either of childhood or about grandparents, parents, or even when we will read them to our children and grandchildren. They tell us about love, perseverance, and joy. The stories have an intriguing beginning and a happy ending. And that’s why we love them.

Yesterday, I read the article written by Alex (, about his beautiful Christmas story. At the end of which he offered a challenge, so I took the opportunity, as a challenge for myself. Thank you, Alex!

An idea, started by Mirela (, to intensify the magic of the Holiday, an impulse for those who write and a curiosity for those who read. Congratulations Mirela!

Let’s share as many beautiful stories as possible and especially those of Christmas, childhood, gifts, magic! It is addressed to the older ones (those who, once raised, forget about Santa Claus, without realizing that in their turn, at some point in their lives, they become a collaborator of Santa Claus).

Christmas memories from your childhood …
One day I received a handful of letters from my mother. Guess which letters were? The ones I wrote to Santa. When I read them, I had such strong emotions, in two with laughter but also tears, I reread them, to be sure that they were written by me. The truth is that when you read lines written by you when you were a child, it is a feeling without words, truly magical! The way and the faith put in those letters speaks about you, the child you were and now you recognize him. You realize that somewhere in secret, there is still that child in you, who was writing to Santa Claus. Yes, in the last letter I was 14 years old and I was still writing to Santa Claus.

Do you believe in Santa Claus?
I was only two years old when I first met Santa Claus. It was in kindergarten, in front of the huge Christmas tree placed in the resounding hall of the building, all the children were gathering waiting for Santa Claus. My protective brother was never absent, especially in such situations. He shook my hand and told me that Santa was on his way.
At that time they were not Santa’s current costumes. Santa Claus came in a blue cloak and a hat, and he had a mask on his face, which seemed really hideous to me. The moment Santa made his presence known, my reaction was frightening. And when Santa saw me crying, he started shouting softly at me, his voice was familiar but his mask prevented me from understanding where my father was, whose voice calmed me, from the cradle. When I heard his voice, I approached and when I saw that strange face, with those fake red cheeks, I was scared and I ran in my brother’s arms. Dad, realized he had no chance, threw that damn mask and when I recognized his face, I ran straight into his arms.

Later, my brother was so kind as to tell me that Santa Claus was once young but it got old and he need help, so the children’s parents help Santa’s to distribute the gifts. Over the years, colleagues or a neighbor took care to tell me that there was never any kind of Santa Claus.

Santa Claus exists, it doesn’t matter who he is, the important thing is that he exists. You know, Santa Claus is someone who stays in your soul, he is the one who loves you the most and the most interesting thing is that every child has his own Santa Claus. Which is also his guardian angel, not just a giver of gifts. When you receive a gift on Christmas day, it means that Santa has thought of you, it means that he exists. It doesn’t matter, who brought you the gift, as long as there is someone who thought of doing it for you. So, if you receive gifts, it means that Santa Claus exists …
My father looked at me tenderly, then took me on his knee, just as Santa does. My tears of anger and sadness dried up, I learned that the real truth was in my heart, inside me. I was the one who had to decide if Santa Claus existed or not.
Santa Claus is a secret person, then I didn’t know exactly who he is but I knew that he doesn’t like to be seen and that he only comes to obedient and beautiful children. Even now I believe in my soul, I believe in a Santa, the one my father told me about.

Do you believe in the magic of Christmas?
We all gather on the eve and Christmas day, to sing carols, sit at the table, tell stories, open surprise gifts … Even if we are big and we know that Santa Claus, who is told to the little ones, does not exist. We sneak in during the night, each in turn to bring the presents under the Christmas tree, some from the car, some from under the bed, or from the closet … And on the morning of December 25, we laugh and rejoice, shouting that Santa Claus has come.
So, I say with a wide-open heart and full of joy, I BELIEVE IN THE MAGIC OF CHRISTMAS. I do it because this day brings so much joy, from the delicious meal that only my mother knows how to cook, to gifts, smiles, hugs, tears, love and much, much kindness. I love this holiday, because people are better, more beautiful, because they smile, have tears in their eyes and say “I love you”! Isn’t this pure magic?
How can you not love a holiday and not believe that it is magical when it brings out in man everything that is more beautiful, better?

And as the song sing “It’s the most wonderful time of the year”. The moment when we all, young and old, learn to be better, to share with all our loved ones but also with strangers, the kindness, the gifts, the smiles and the beautiful wishes of holidays.

Share your Christmas story, with us. Do you believe in Santa Claus and the Magic of Christmas? Put the link of your story in the comments, let’s all read it.
Tell us your story!

Love and health

PS: read Alex and Mirela s story …


  1. Da, cred și acum în Moș Crăciun 😉!

  2. Da, superb! Sigur că da, cred cu toată ființa în magia Crăciunului. În acel Moș Crăciun care, după cum ai spus, vine în cea mai frumoasă zi din an, să ne facă mai buni, să ne deschidă inimile.
    Așa este, faptul că dăruim și ne bucurăm, este o dovadă de necontestat că Moș Crăciun și magia lui există în noi, în iubirea pe care ne-o purtăm unul altuia.
    Am simțit emoția cuvintelor tale. Am simțit inima ta în fiecare dintre acestea. Mi-a plăcut enorm, cuvinte adevărate, superbă povestea, am fost iar copil în ea și l-am văzut și pe Moș Crăciun al tău, cu tot cu masca, căciula și mantia lui, ceea ce e fără de preț, minunat.
    Îți mulțumesc mult că ai preluat provocarea!
    Multe felicitări pentru articol, Cătălina!

  3. Super idee pentru articol.. bravo

  4. Tare, tare frumos 🙂 mi-ai trezit amintiri dragi, Cătălina 🙂

  5. Mos Craciun exista, atata timp cat nu incetam niciodata sa credem in el.

  6. Cât de drăguț că mama ta a păstrat scrisorile pe care le-ai trimis “moșului”. Țin minte că mergeam la poștă și trimiteam scrisorile – ajungeau la unchiul mamei mele :))
    Mi se pare tare frumos că s-au gândit la asta și au avut grijă să nu exagereze cu poveștile.
    Cunosc oameni care au fost atât de rău mințit de părinți, încât a fost groaznic să afle că au crezut în ceva ce nu există și au intrat în starea de negare 🙁

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