Top 7 mistakes you make in caring for your skin

Each of us has his own lifestyle, own habits, and a skincare routine. We want effective results, what unites us and makes us buy care products, look for information, as many solutions as possible.
But what happens when we unconsciously sabotage ourselves?
What happens when we make unintentional blunders every day? Which are obviously very harmful to our skin.
Keep reading, find out the five seemingly “innocent” mistakes that accelerate the aging of your skin. Check which of them you have included in your daily routine!

Skip the cleansing.
Cleansing must become a sacred ritual for you. Before putting your head on the pillow, remove the makeup, dust, impurities that have accumulated on your face, throughout the day.
Your skin is very caring, while you rest it throws out sebum, sweat, and other residual substances. That is why it is important to do a cleansing in the morning as well.

You wash your face with hot water or soap.
Your skin is so smart, naturally releases a lipid film, which protects and keeps hydrated (maintains moisture). Soap and hot water are some of the first aggressors, guilty of dehydration and remover of this lipidic film. Even if you have extremely oily skin, over-cleansing is never a good idea. When you wash your face, you remove the lipid film off your skin. Dermatological studies show that the more often you remove this film from your face, the more skin works to recover, thus promoting the production of excess sebum. You, without realizing it, wake up in a vicious circle, of -right perplexed and annoying. Not only do you find it difficult to control the excess oil on your face but your skin begins to become more sensitive, less resistant, and dehydrated.
The dermatological world recommends that you wash your face lightly with barely warm or cold water (not like ice) twice a day, plus immediately after you have sweated. Washing does good, but we all know what is in excess makes damages. If you get dirty more often or work in a sector where you are exposed to dust and you have to wash your face more often, after doing so always reward your skin with a moisturizer or opt for cleansing.

Do not exfoliate your skin, or you do it excessively.
If you exfoliate excessively, you completely remove the lipid film, you attack the cells that are not yet ready to be exported. Even if you have the impression that your skin becomes brighter and cleaner. However, you expose it to microbes, irritations, inflammations, and other harmful substances. Your skin becomes thin and sensitive. By excessive exfoliation, you remove all the natural barriers that your skin is working to produce.
If you do not exfoliate your skin, it will look extinguished, and dead cells will accumulate in excess, as well as sebum and all components of creams or makeup that can not be removed with a simple cleanser. For best results, exfoliate your skin a maximum of 2 times a week, either peeling or scrub. If you have dry skin, limit yourself to once a week and if it is sensitive and thin, choose friendly peels.

You do too little or too much exercise.
In general, exercise is at the top of the important factors to keep your skin and body healthy. When you exercise, your heart rate increases and this speeds up the blood circulation, which reaches the periphery of your body in generous amounts, so in the skin. And as we know, the blood carries oxygen and nutrients with it, so your skin is more oxygenated and nourished. If you don’t exercise, your skin looks gray, less healthy. Moreover, when you exercise, your muscles toned and your skin adapts, stretches, and therefore becomes elastic and firm. This is also the purpose of facial exercises, especially facial yoga.
On the other hand, to make exercises, we know well, you need energy and nutrients. If you increase the volume of physical activity, the requirements of energy, nutrients, hydration, rest will increase… And their lack can cause deficiencies or even health problems, which will certainly stand out on the skin. As well, the excessive sweating, it causes dehydration and a greater accumulation of pathogenic bacteria on the skin. Physical excess is not good for your body. Your body is made to be balanced, no less, no more.
But how do athletes do it? Performance athletes are trained, have rules in lifestyle, protection, hydration, and diet.

You’re not sleeping enough
Not in vain is it says “beauty sleep”. Indeed, sleep is a beauty elixir. Sleep is rest, is the power supply for your batteries. As a low-battery phone does not work, so does your body. Rest is the time to heal from the stress of your mind, body, and skin accumulate during the day. During the night, the hormone melatonin is secreted in very large quantities (especially between 09 PM and 02 AM). This hormone promotes the growth and proliferation of healthy cells in your skin. The same thing happens with the production of all protective barriers, nourishing or building skin proteins, such as collagen and elastin.
 If you do not get enough sleep, most of these processes do not take place and you will not be able to recover them. You probably won’t feel it at twenty-year-old, but you will definitely do it at forty. In addition, when you do not rest, do not sleep at night, when your body needs you to rest, not only will you notice unpleasant effects under the eyes but you will have nervousness, the stress will control you more easily. You will not be productive, without energy and you make your life hard for yourself but also for those around you.

Don’t drink enough fluids
Surely you’ve seen a movie where someone is lost in the desert without a drop of water? After some time he starts to have hallucinations and the appearance of the skin becomes repulsive. It is not pure fiction but pure truth. Even if you didn’t make it and you’ll never make it like the guy in the movie. However, imagine that such suffering is experienced by the cells of your body when you do not drink enough fluids. When you’re dehydrated but you don’t even realize it. Internal disorders begin to appear, which we know very well, over time they appear on the skin. Thirst does not necessarily mean the first sign of dehydration, you can be dehydrated without even having the desire to drink water.
You drink water only when you are thirsty or remember, once a month that you need to stay hydrated. Regardless, either tea, fresh juice, or water, are vital fluids for the beautiful appearance of your skin. Your body is about 69% of water. It is important to stay hydrated so that cosmetics, sports, sleep, and other benefits have good effects on your skin.

How is your way of thinking?
 In present, there are countless guides, exercises, and tips on these things. You have certainly wondered at least once what the connection is between your mentality, your mental health, and the appearance of your skin. These two things are so closely linked, like oxygen and your body.
When you are stressed, anxious, depressed, your body releases a lot of so-called stress hormones, such as cortisol. They remove and prevent all nutrients from reaching your skin and organs properly. Which are essential for their survival, especially for the vitals one, like heart, brain, skin. Being at the end of the tunnel, the skin is in a lost position, it is devoid of many beneficial substances.
On the contrary, when you are calm, positive, smiling, happy, stress hormones are maintained at tiny levels and healthy ones come to the surface. Which helps distribute nutrients, oxygen, and all the substances necessary for the proper functioning of your body.
Healthy mind = healthy body, resulting in a happy skin, so beautiful!

Which of these mistakes, do you repeat daily?

Love and health!


  1. Amazing wealth of information! I read this article in one breath because to be sincere, I have some problems with my face skin which exfoliates really often, like everyday, maybe more than once a day. I sleep around 4 hours a night, which I think it cannot be enough, I am very balanced emotionally in general, but lately things did not work very well, so the stress accumulated and of course, depression hit me like a nightmare in a dark night.
    But I came out of it now and I see that my skin stabilised and now is smooth and soft again.
    You are so right, stress affect the health including skin, very very badly.
    Now, if the exfoliation starts again, I will know which is the culprit.
    Love and health, Catalina!
    Thank you so much ang my congratulations for your articles!

    1. Thank you dear Alex for your appreciation and your kindness. I really appreciate it!
      Exfoliating skin is really a big red alarm and the fact that you have realized the cause of it, that is a very good thing. Stress is a real atomic bomb for our skin and health.
      In addition to this result that has balanced your skin, and I congratulate you on it. Learn to love the water, juices, teas, and of course a simple care routine (probably not as complex as for women’s skin but which is very important and beneficial also for men’s skin).
      I’m very very glad to hear that you’ve managed to balance things out and my article it was useful to you.
      Love and health

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